container hauling insurance

What is Container Hauling Insurance

Container hauler insurance is under the umbrella of commercial auto.  This business type assists in moving containers from the ports to warehouses or businesses.  It is sometimes referred to intermodal carriers or port carriers.   Currently in California, there is a large driver shortage on container haulers.  If you are looking to get in to business as a container hauler, give us a call.  We would be happy to assist you in getting a quote

Get a personalized container hauling insurance quote

We know a lot is riding on your trucking business so you feed your family. Let us help you put together an insurance package to meet your needs.  We have experience working container haulers for the ports.  We can help you get the UIIA certificate.

We have see it all.  If you have more questions about truck insurance, give us a call.

Common container hauling insurance questions

container hauling insurance

Recommended coverages for container hauling

We can tailor a dump truck insurance package to your needs, anything from liability only to get you on the road, to full coverage.

Truck Insurance

Other common trucking operations

We can insure almost any type of commercial truck out there.  Below is the most common we see.  If you don’t see the business class you are interested in, give us a call.

Truck Insurance

States we can offer dump truck insurance

We can help put an affordable dump truck insurance package together for you.  We write commercial auto insurance the the following states.

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